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Sang Lucci Master Course 2021 (36.57 GB)

Last Updated Date: 01-31-2022

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Sang Lucci Master Course 2021
2021-10-19 Orientation (Charlie Bathgate).mp4
2021-10-20 Class 1 - Intro to Tape Reading (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-10-25 Class 2 - Tape Reading Fundamentals (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-10-26 Class 3 - Reading Tape on $DWAC and $FB (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-10-27 Class 4 - Tape Reading Continued- $GOOGL (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-11-01 Class 5 u2013 Options Basics (Ron Friedman).mp4
2021-11-02 Class 6 u2013 Options Greeks & Basic Technical Analysis (Ron Friedman).mp4
2021-11-02 Class 7 u2013 Advanced Technical Analysis Using AVWAPs (Ron Friedman).mp4
2021-11-08 Class 8 u2013 Intro to Options Scalping (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-11-09 Class 9 u2013 Idea Generation, Trade Execution, and Swings (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-11-10 Class 10 u2013 Option Execution Examples- $AMZN & $NVDA (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-11-15 Class 11 u2013 Writing Options (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-11-16 Class 12 u2013 Trading the Post (Ron Friedman).mp4
2021-11-17 Class 13 u2013 Trading the Post cont. & Iron Condors (Ron Friedman).mp4
2021-11-22 Class 14 u2013 Trading the Post Review (Ron Friedman).mp4
2021-11-29 Class 15 u2013 Intro to Market Depth (Chris Cady).mp4
2021-11-30 Class 16 u2013 Market Depth cont. (Chris Cady).mp4
2021-12-02 Class 17 u2013 Intro to Flow Trading (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-12-06 Class 18 u2013 Flow Trading cont. (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-12-07 Class 19 u2013 Intro to Trading Psychology (Chris Cady & Charlie Bathgate).mp4
2021-12-09 Class 20 u2013 Trading Psychology cont. (Chris Cady & Charlie Bathgate).mp4
2021-12-13 Class 21 u2013 Trading Psychology Q&A (Chris Cady & Charlie Bathgate).mp4
2021-12-15 Class 22 u2013 Live Tape Reading (Sang Lucci) Part 1.mp4
2021-12-15 Class 22 u2013 Live Tape Reading (Sang Lucci) Part 2.mp4
2021-12-16 Class 23 u2013 Live Tape Reading (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-12-17 Class 24 u2013 Live Tape Reading (Sang Lucci).mp4
2021-12-21 Class 25 u2013 Live Tape Reading (Sang Lucci).mp4
2022-01-05 Class 26 u2013 Bringing It All Together (Sang Lucci).mp4
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Skilled Equities and Choices Buying and selling
Make the most of ways for all market situations, time horizons, and earnings targets. Study superior strategies for threat administration, equities and choices combo performs, and particular methods specializing in parts like vol and time decay.
Tape Studying
Combine essentially the most superior type of momentum evaluation into your buying and selling. Discover affirmation not simply on what to commerce, but additionally HOW and WHEN to commerce it.
Move Buying and selling
Remodel “Wiseguy Exercise” into your supply of Alpha.
Trip the momentum created by establishments as a substitute of getting crushed by it!
Buying and selling Psychology
Master essentially the most troublesome a part of buying and selling: controlling your personal thoughts. Perceive your self as a dealer and the way to overcome the challenges distinctive to your character, threat urge for food, account dimension, and expertise.

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