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SEORockstars 2021 Recordings (4.1 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-29-2022

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SEORockstars 2021 Recordings
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#9698 - 'Tim Warren on 8 Figure SEO - Scaling Your Business & The Future of SEO'.jpg
#9699 - 'Michal Suski - Founder of SurferSEO on Leveraging AI Content in SEO t_'.jpg
#9700 - 'Moon Hussain - Best Speaker 2020 on Top Secrets to Beating Your Top 3_'.jpg
#9701 - 'Daryl Osborne on _Seriously_ Dominating Your Local Market'.jpg
#9702 - 'Clint Butler - Schema Magician on How to use Schema _The Right Way_ t_'.jpg
#9703 - 'Judy Benedict on Staying OUT of The Nightmare Currently Plaguing Site_'.jpg
#9704 - 'Joseph Kahn on 10x Your Results With These 10 On-Page Signals Working_'.jpg
#9705 - 'Paul Demont on What I've Learned From Enterprise Backlink Building'.jpg
#9706 - 'Haris Ernawan on _Outrageous_ Rankings In Foreign Countries'.jpg
#9707 - 'Milosz Krasinski on What I have learned from outreaching to almost ha_'.jpg
#9708 - 'James Goldsmith - SIA Tester on Tell All - What I Found Testing Links_'.jpg
#9709 - 'Dan O'Donnell on Google Validated Authority Links For Local Top Ranki_'.jpg
#9710 - 'Randy Rohde on Where and How I get a Platoon of Never Ending Backlink_'.jpg
#9711 - 'Maj Hussain - Founder of MagicPR on The Power of Owning Your Own Goog_'.jpg
#9712 - 'Holly Cooper - The Reformed Outlaw on Linking - On Steroids - Creativ_'.jpg
#9713 - 'Craig Campbell - The Blackest Hat on Black HAT SEO That Should Scare _'.jpg
#9714 - 'Lisa Parziale on 7-Figure SOPu2019s - SEO Process Maps For Your Eyes Only'.jpg
#9715 - 'Jo Priest - The Wizard on The _Genius_ Way of Automating SEO Processe_'.jpg
#9716 - 'Clint Butler - Schema Magician on Is Core Web Vitals A Ranking Factor_'.jpg
#9717 - 'Nick Kringas - Local Hero on Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Agen_'.jpg
#9718 - 'Gary Nealon - The $40 Million Dollar Man on Scale Up To a 7-8 Figure _'.jpg
#9719 - 'Panel'.jpg
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What You Get: Follow Tim as he takes you on his journey of how he scaled Helium. So much comes down to Vision and planning where you want to go and Why. Scaling an SEO company is no different than scaling any other company, you have to start with Why and Vision and then work backwards. He has some great content to share here.

Why It’s Important: Roadmaps are important. When someone as successful as Tim talks about their roadmap, it’s worth a listen. You will get some amazing takeaways you can use to scale your own business.

Who He Is: Tim Warren is the CEO of Helium SEO, a Cincinnati based data-driven, full service digital marketing agency rooted in Engineering. In 2019, he was recognized and included in the Forty under 40 list.

Michal Suski – Founder of SurferSEO
Leveraging AI Content in SEO to Win Everytime

What You Get: Michal will talk AI content and how it can impact your SEO and ranking. It is a big topic now thanks to GPT3 and other technologies being developed. There are dozens of tools that create AI content. But can it rank in Google? Is there a way to leverage this technique in SEO? He will answer these questions plus more. He won’t pitch tools but will pitch a proper approach to AI in SEO in 2021 onwards.

Why It’s Important: It is fairly easy to use AI the wrong way. While the others will do it right and scale up their businesses with either PBNs, blogs, guest posts, or anything else.

Who He Is: Michał Suski is an SEO practitioner. He co-founded Surfer and keep on developing the tool for thousands of users from around the globe. He has data at hand, a great team of developers and the ability to test things to make your jobs easier. Aside from being a SEO practitioner and developing Surfer, Michal is known for building DIY contraptions. DIY is something he enjoys the most. He does Backcountry skiing, welding, and carpentry.
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Moon Hussain – Best Speaker 2020
Top Secrets to Beating Your Top 3 Competitors Every Time: On Site SEO + Internal Linking!
What You Get: In this presentation, Moon talks about the most important factors and strategies that she uses to show successful results to increase rankings: clean site structure, on page SEO, & much more! This includes the recent set of Google Updates and recovering from them.

Why It’s Important: Clean site structure is everything, yet most SEOs overlook it. Go back to the basics with Moon as she shows how she gets sites unstuck and moving up in the SERPs.

Who She Is: With 13 years of SEO experience under her belt, Moon co-founded an on-site and technical SEO focused agency, Rule Your Rankings, which broke 6 figures within one year due to SEO case studies and packages crafted by her. She has worked and consulted on affiliate sites that are starters all the way upto ~$70k/month. She now also runs the affiliate division of RYR as well as the marketing and branding of RYR (and enjoys it immensely). The RYR SEO Agency & Mastermind is well known for unsticking sites, increasing traffic, and with helping you RULE YOUR RANKINGS!

Daryl Osborne
“Seriously” Dominating Your Local Market

What You Get: In this presentation, Daryl will uncover the “Local Surge” process to take over page one for your local market using a reliable, repeatable process. Attendees also receive a copy of his advanced RSS/DataFeed schema template.

Why It’s Important: This process allows you to take over a local market one topic or subtopic at a time, pushing competitors away and raising your client’s brand (a.k.a. “Entity”) as the dominant choice.

Who He Is: Daryl has been an SEO agency owner since 2009, and along with Jimmy Kelley, they brought Entity SEO concepts and entity-based schema to the market over 3 years ago with their Entity Establishment Basic and Mastermind training. They have mentored hundreds of students and helped hundreds of small to large businesses achieve success online and continue doing so to this day. He’s president of Local Business Rockstar working with E-Rock Christopher and co-founder of Entity SEO Mastery & Entity Elevation. Daryl is a foodie and (unaccredited) chef, holds 2 IT certifications.

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