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Set & Forget 2021 (11.51 GB)

Last Updated Date: 11-06-2021

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Set & Forget 2021
How Move Around Community
Stock Screening
Tips & Tricks
Trading Platforms
Weekly Market Analysis
CHP JPY uptrend.mp4.mp4
Drawing Trendlines.mp4.mp4
MATIC (Polygon) uptrend.mp4.mp4
NKN New Kind of Network Uptrend.mp4.mp4
UMA USDT reacting to weekly demand.mp4.mp4
01- Cryptocurrencies resources.pdf
02-How to plan a spot trade on Cryptos.pdf
03-Placing trades with Binance.pdf
50% basing candles indicator for Forex Tester 2 1.0.0.rar
Cryptocurrencies Watchlist (all) 1.0.0.rar
Engulfing pattern indicator for Metatrader 4 1.0.0.rar
Full list of optionable US stocks 1.0.0.rar
Major cryptocurrencies watchlist 1.0.0.rar
Metatrader 4 indicators package 3.3.rar
Rectangle Extender for Forex Tester 2 1.0.0.rar
Rectangle Extender for Metatrader 4 1.0.0.rar
Shortcuts indicator for Forex Tester 2 1.0.0.rar
Three simultaneous timeframes for Metatrader 4 1.0.0.rar
How Move Around Community
01-Welcome - READ THIS.pdf
02-Activity Streams.pdf
03-Add Topics to Your Reading List.pdf
04-Content Tags and Prefixes.pdf
06-Filtering stocks by the first letter of the stock name.pdf
07-Forum's Grid view and List View.pdf
08-Global and personal notifications and announcements.pdf
09- Hot Stocks, Hot Forex. Locating high probability setups.pdf
10-How to use the weekly video analysis.pdf
11-Leaderboard and Most Active Members.pdf
12-Locating Unread Content and New Posts.pdf
13-Managing Followed Content.pdf
14-Managing Notifications.pdf
15-Previewing Post Content.pdf
16-Recommendations for new users to get started.pdf
17- Rules to post new topics and ask questions.pdf
18-Searching the community.pdf
19-Viewing and Reusing Attachments.pdf
20-Uploading new images.pdf
21-Using animated gifs (Giphy) to have fun.pdf
22-Tagging Members and Quoting their posts.pdf
02-Types of Imbalances - Set and Forget Trading Community.pdf
03-Drawing Trendlines - Set and Forget Trading Community.pdf
05-The Trend - Set and Forget Trading Community.pdf
06-The Range. Too low Too high.pdf
07-Scoring imbalances.pdf
08-Multiple Timeframe Analysis.pdf
10-Planning a trade.pdf
11-Building your own trading plan.pdf
02-Find your why to become a better trader and person.pdf
03-Creating alerts will help you become more patient.pdf
Odds Lots. Purchasing less than 100 shares of a stock.pdf
Stock Screening
01-Find heavily shorted stocks at finviz.pdf
05-How to create a Google Sheet to scan for stocks and Forex.pdf
06-Script for the Google sheet to get an Email alert.pdf
Tips & Tricks
01-Using Lines to identify Swings and CPs.pdf
Trading Platforms
01-How to Use TradingView - Supply and Demand Strategy.mp4
02-Basing candlesticks indicator for Trading View.pdf
03-Calculate Entry, Stop Loss and Profit Ratio.pdf
04-How to calculate Profit Taking using the Fibonacci tool.pdf
05-How to display Supply Demand Zones.pdf
07-How to draw imbalances using the Fibonacci Extension tool.pdf
08-How to draw The Range with Stop Loss on Trading View.pdf
09-Share analysis on TradingView.pdf
10-Shortcut templates for drawing tools with Trading View.pdf
What to look for when choosing a broker.pdf
Questions & Answers April 3rd 2020.mp4
Questions & Answers April 3rd 2020.pdf
Questions & Answers August 28th 2019.mp4
Questions & Answers August 28th 2019.pdf
Questions & Answers December 10th 2020.mp4
Questions & Answers December 10th 2020.pdf
Questions & Answers December 18th 2019.mp4
Questions & Answers December 18th 2019.pdf
Questions & Answers February 4th 2020.mp4
Questions & Answers February 4th 2020.pdf
Questions & Answers January 28th 2021.mp4
Questions & Answers January 28th 2021.pdf
Questions & Answers June 30th 2020.mp4
Questions & Answers June 30th 2020.pdf
Questions & Answers November 5th 2019.mp4
Questions & Answers November 5th 2019.pdf
Questions & Answers November 21st 2019.mp4
Questions & Answers November 21st 2019.pdf
Questions & Answers October 9th 2019.mp4
Questions & Answers October 9th 2019.pdf
Questions & Answers September 10th 2020.mp4
Questions & Answers September 10th 2020.pdf
Questions and Answers Webinar August 28th 2019.mp4
Weekly Market Analysis
11th October 2021 weekly analysis.mp4.mp4
18th October 2021 weekly analysis.mp4.mp4
25th October 2021 weekly analysis.mp4.mp4
August 16th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
August 23rd 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
August 30th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
October 4th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
September 5th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
September 13th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
September 20th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
September 27th 2021 Market Analysis.mp4
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