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Simon McFadyen - Bitsgap Accelerator (3.75 GB)

Last Updated Date: 01-17-2022

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Simon McFadyen - Bitsgap Accelerator
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Weekly Q_A
Week 1
01 - Welcome To Bitsgap Accelerator.mp4
02- Grid Trading Fundamentals.mp4
03 - Take Profit _ Stop Loss.mp4
04 - Fixed _ Trailing Grids.mp4
05 - Coin Pairs _ Investment Splits.mp4
06 - Grid Relationships.mp4
07 - Minimum Investment Amounts.mp4
08 - Exchanges _ Fees.mp4
09 - Bitsgap _ SBOT Walkthrough.mp4
10 - Signing Up For ProtonMail.mp4
11 - Signing Up For Bitsgap.mp4
12 - Setting Up Your API Connection.mp4
13 - Action Items.mp4
Bitsgap Accelerator - Week One Resources.docx
Week 2
01 - Smart Launch Strategy.mp4
02 - Understanding Profit _ Loss .mp4
03 - Trailing Up.mp4
04 - Setting Stop Losses.mp4
05 - Trailing Down.mp4
06 - Take Profit.mp4
Bitsgap Accelerator - Week Two Resources.docx
Week 3
01 - What Makes A Bot Profitable.mp4
02 - Defining The Optimum Grid.mp4
03 - Backtesting.mp4
04 - Optimum Grids.mp4
05 - Action Items.mp4
Bitsgap Accelerator - Week Three Resources.docx
Week 4
01 - Finding Coins.mp4
02 - Sniff Test.mp4
03 - Fundamental Analysis.mp4
04 - Technical Analysis.mp4
05 - Analysis Walkthrough .mp4
06 - Action Items.mp4
Bitsgap Accelerator - Week Four Resources.docx
Week 5
01 - Portfolio Performance Tracking.mp4
02 - Identifyng What To Troubleshoot.mp4
03 - Troubleshooting Underlying Loss (In Grid).mp4
04 - Troubleshooting Underlying Loss (Out of Grid).mp4
05 - Troubleshooting Bot Profit Percentage.mp4
06 - Closing Bots.mp4
07 - Regridding Bots.mp4
08 - Action Items.mp4
Bitsgap Accelerator - Week Five Resources.docx
Week 6
01 - Goal Setting.mp4
02 - Grids To Achieve Goals.mp4
03 - Set Investment Amounts.mp4
04 - Diversifying Your Portfolio.mp4
05 - Psychology _ Rules.mp4
06 - Bot Launch _ Portfolio Plan.mp4
07 - Beginner Strategy _ Simulation.mp4
08 - Action Items.mp4
Bitsgap Accelerator - Week Six Resources.docx
Weekly Q_A
01 - Live Q_A - 19th November 2021.mp4
02 - Live Q_A - 26th November 2021.mp4
03 - Live Q_A - 3rd December 2021.mp4
04 - Live Q_A - 10th December 2021.mp4
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Bitsgap Accelerator Course

After so many messages and requests, I’ve lastly determined to create a course to assist like-minded Bitsgap customers which might be critical about rising their Bitsgap portfolio. Be taught and get actual insights into the strategies and methods I’ve been utilizing inside my very own $170,000 portfolio.

What’s it?
Bitsgap Accelerator is a 6-week on-line course and stay Q&A calls and a group of Bitsgap customers critical about rising their portfolio. It exhibits the methods and processes you need to use to develop your individual Bitsgap crypto portfolio.

Who’s it for?
Bitsgap Accelerator is for anyone who’s critical about rising their Bitgap Portfolio. Learn the way you need to use Bitsgap to develop your crypto portfolio, no matter your earlier information or expertise.

The place does it occur?
The Bitsgap Accelerator course is on-line and consists of coaching movies, instruments, stay Q&A calls, and a Fb group. You full it on-line, by yourself time.

How does it work?
You watch the movies, full the motion objects, use the offered instruments and templates. Ask questions within the Fb group or on the stay Q&A calls.

When does it begin?
Bitsgap Accelerator is an internet course, it begins Wednesday tenth November (AEST). Modules will likely be launched weekly. You can begin it and full it in your individual time, and work by way of it as quick or gradual as you would like. You get lifetime entry.

Why does it exist?
I’ve created this Bitsgap Accelerator as a result of there may be nothing that exists that enables critical Bitsgap customers to chop by way of the noise cluttering their Discords and Telegram feeds. Get NO BS entry to actual methods and processes utilized by myself and different members investing “actual cash” utilizing Bitsgap.

Who’s it not for?
This course just isn’t for you if you happen to’re eager to get wealthy fast. Not enthusiastic about studying. Not conscious of the dangers related to crypto investing and buying and selling. Searching for magic settings, coin pairs, and methods. Not wanting to use your self and put the trouble in.

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