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Simon Wood - ConversioBot Done For You Pro (Training Only) (23.25 GB)

Last Updated Date: 09-04-2021

Google Drive Proof

Simon Wood - ConversioBot Done For You Pro (Training Only)
01-Basic Training
02-Advanced Training
03-Bonus Training
01-Basic Training
01-Welcome to Training.mp4
03-Examples of the Different Bots Types.mp4
04-Uses For a Chatbot Overview.mp4
05-Qualify Leads.mp4
06-Drive Sales.mp4
07-List Building.mp4
08-Discounts & Offers.mp4
09-Affiliate Marketing.mp4
10-Creating a Bot From Template.mp4
11-Editing a Bot From Template.mp4
12-Previewing a Bot.mp4
13-Launching a Bot.mp4
14-Changing Bot Status.mp4
15-Cloning a Bot.mp4
16-Deleting a Bot.mp4
17-Using Folders.mp4
18-Creating a New Bot.mp4
19-Adding New Blocks.mp4
20-Adding Message Content.mp4
21-Linking Message Blocks.mp4
22-Cloning Message Blocks.mp4
23-Editing Typing Animation.mp4
24-Adding an Image.mp4
25-Adding a Gif.mp4
26-Adding a Video.mp4
27-Add Formatting.mp4
28-Copying a Message.mp4
29-Moving a Message.mp4
30-Deleting a Message.mp4
31-Adding a User Response.mp4
32-Using Placeholders.mp4
33-Adding Legal Consent.mp4
34-Click to Call.mp4
35-HTML Formatting.mp4
36-Text Inputs.mp4
39-Star Rating.mp4
40-Social Sharing.mp4
41-Page Redirection.mp4
42-File Upload.mp4
43-Date Picker.mp4
44-Time Picker.mp4
45-Geo Location.mp4
46-End Chat.mp4
47-Booking App.mp4
48-Webinar Jam.mp4
49-Custom Fields.mp4
50-Adding Overlay Text.mp4
51-Bot Icon.mp4
52-Using a Gif Bot Icon.mp4
53-Background Settings.mp4
54-Message Settings.mp4
55-User Response Settings.mp4
56-Text Settings.mp4
57-General Bot Settings.mp4
58-Page Settings.mp4
59-Widget Settings.mp4
60-Sound Settings.mp4
61-Email Settings.mp4
62-Autoresponder Settings.mp4
63-Goal Settings.mp4
64-Analytics Settings.mp4
65-Full Page Bot & Social Sharing.mp4
66-Chatbot Widget.mp4
67-Embed Chatbot.mp4
68-Wordpress Plugin.mp4
69-Publishing Chatbot Updates.mp4
70-Preview Demo Bot.mp4
71-Custom Domain Full Page Bot.mp4
72-Email Service Settings.mp4
74-Chatbot Branding.mp4
75-Zapier Integration.mp4
76-Webinar Jam.mp4
77-SMTP Settings.mp4
79-Data & Analytics Overview.mp4
80-Selecting a Date Period.mp4
81-Reading Your Results.mp4
82-Chatbot Data.mp4
83-Exporting Your Data.mp4
84-Updating Email or Password.mp4
85-How to Upgrade.mp4
02-Advanced Training
01-Donu2019t Be a Human.mp4
02-Writing Style.mp4
03-Add Character.mp4
04-Keep Users Engaged.mp4
05-Use Emojiu2019s, Images & Gifs.mp4
06-High Clicks to Open Chat.mp4
07-Remember Your Goal.mp4
08-Selling Chatbots - 3 Video Categories & 2 Bonus Videos.mp4
09-Stick to One Industry Initially.mp4
10-Industry Examples.mp4
11-Become an Industry Expert.mp4
12-Use Demo Bots.mp4
13-Using Our Demo Preview.mp4
14-Selling Chatbots - 6 Video Categories & 1 Bonus Videos.mp4
15-Organised Prospecting.mp4
16-Cold Outreach.mp4
17-Cold Emailing.mp4
18-Cold Messaging.mp4
19-Cold Calling.mp4
20-Partnerships Overview.mp4
21-Who to Target.mp4
22-Where to Target.mp4
24-People Already Looking Overview.mp4
27-Facebook Groups.mp4
28-Short Lead Generation Bots.mp4
29-Target Digital Product Sellers.mp4
30-Target Online Workers.mp4
31-Content Marketing Case Studies.mp4
32-Show Your Results.mp4
33-Google Ads.mp4
34-Paid Ads.mp4
36-Selling Chatbots - 2 Video Categories.mp4
37-Set-Up or One-Time Fees.mp4
38-Monthly Management Fees.mp4
39-Commission Based Pricing.mp4
40-Giving Chatbots Away.mp4
41-Processing Payments.mp4
42-Prospecting Method.mp4
43-Onboard New Clients.mp4
44-Look After & Maintain Healthy Relationships.mp4
45-Affiliate Hijack.mp4
46-Strategy Opening Block.mp4
47-Exit Bots.mp4
48-Delayed Bots.mp4
49-Embedded Bot.mp4
50-Full Page Bot Chat Position.mp4
51-Install Exit Bot.mp4
52-Delayed Exit Bot.mp4
53-Display Exit Bot on Specific Pages.mp4
54-Display Exit Bot One Time Only.mp4
55-User Management.mp4
56-Updating Your CNAME.mp4
57-Building Your Website.mp4
58-Managing Your Website.mp4
59-Using Your Website.mp4
60-Sales Proposals.mp4
61-Client Questionnaire.mp4
62-Clone Bots to Sub-User Accounts.mp4
63-Allocate Conversations to Sub-Users.mp4
64-Agency Portfolio Builder.mp4
03-Bonus Training
01-Learn Hyper Profitable Bot Strategies.mp4
02-Learn Advanced Bot Strategies.mp4
03-Profiteering By Selling Bots As A Service.mp4
04-Customer Bot Reviews and Q&S Session.mp4
05-Mastering Bot Funnels & Selling Bots As A Service.mp4
06-Chatbot Agency Mastermind Q&A - 29-06-21.mp4
07-Chatbot Agency Mastermind Q&A - 06-07-21.mp4
08-Chatbot Agency Mastermind Q&A - 13-07-21.mp4
09-Chatbot Agency Mastermind Q&A - 20-07-21.mp4
10-Chatbot Agency Mastermind - Q&A 03-08-21.mp4
11-Dominate Affiliate Marketing With Bots Q&A - 08-07-21.mp4
12-Dominate Affiliate Marketing With Bots Q&A - 16-07-21.mp4
13-Dominate Affiliate Marketing With Bots Q&A - 22-07-21.mp4
14-Dominate Affiliate Marketing With Bots Q&A - 29-07-21.mp4
15-Dominate Affiliate Marketing With Bots Q&A - 05-08-21.mp4
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Generate extra leads, extra gross sales, extra bookings and automate your help with our slicing-edge bot know-how. Promote bots and supply bot companies to shoppers with our Company belongings.

Get Extra Leads & Conversions With Participating Chatbots
Develop your online business with chatbots and conversational advertising and marketing. Chatbots have been proven to extend person engagement in addition to conversion charges.

It’s straightforward to get began with ConversioBot. Merely copy and paste one line of code to your web site, and your bot will begin interacting along with your guests. You also can use ConversioBot in your Fb™ Enterprise web page in a matter of some clicks.

What Conversiobot Can Do For You

Improve Leads, Bookings & Gross sales
Customers that work together with chatbots usually tend to convert.

Outperform Any Webform
Get key info like title, electronic mail and phone by means of our good chatbot templates.

Reply Immediately To Your Guests 24/7
Get leads, bookings and gross sales even when your gross sales employees are asleep. No human involvement is required.

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Get considerably increased ROI from each final cent of your promoting or search engine marketing finances.

How Does ConversioBot Work?
When your customer lands in your web site or Fb™ web page, the chatbot interacts with them.
By means of conversational advertising and marketing it converts them into a professional lead or a buyer.

Get Began In Minutes With These 3 Easy Steps
Step #1:
Use one our chatbot templates (straightforward to customise).

Or create your personal chatbot with our easy drag-and-drop builder.

Step #2:
Copy the code for the template.

Step #3:
Paste the code in your web site to activate your chatbot. Or join the chatbot to your Fb web page in a number of clicks.

Watch our step-by-step video within the coaching space, displaying you precisely how straightforward it’s!

Simon Wood – ConversioBot Done For You Pro (Training Only)
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has been added to your cart, get more courses to get big discount

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