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StackinProfit - The LCB Vault (9.1 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-18-2020

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StackinProfit - The LCB Vault
01.Welcome & Overview.mp4
02. The EASIEST Amazon Ads Strategy EVER.mp4
03. How To Set Up Your First Amazon Ad.mp4
04. When To Kill Your Ads.mp4
05. The Benefits of Running Ads.mp4
06. Working Out Your ROI on Ad Spend.mp4
07. CASE STUDY My Best Selling Fathers Day Book.mp4
08. This Is A Great Resource For Ideas For Book.mp4
09. Use This Tool To Stay More Productive.mp4
10. Pruning and Managing Your Ads.mp4
11.How To Create Patterned Designs.mp4
12. How To Scale Your Patterned Designs.mp4
13. Creating Portfolios for Your Ads.mp4
14. Using Pinterest To Find In Demand Quotes.mp4
15.1. 8.5x11 Composition with Bleed (College Ruled) 119pages.pdf
15. Creating Compositions Notebooks.mp4
16. My Pen Name Strategy (In Depth).mp4
17. How To Create Coloring Books.mp4
18. Diving Deeper Into Coloring Books (Niche Research).mp4
19. Fattening Your Niche.mp4
20. Researching & Creating Guest Books.mp4
21. Researching & Creating Blank Music Sheet.mp4
22.1. 50+ No & Low Content Book List PDF.pdf
22. 50+ Low & No Content Book Ideas for You.mp4
23. Micro and Macro Niches and Why I Do Both.mp4
24. Rebecca Holman The Basics Of PowerPoint.mp4
25. How I Am Preparing For Q4.mp4
26. Super Easy Way To Create AWESOME Designs.mp4
27. What NOT To Do When Publishing Books.mp4
28. How I Am Preparing For Q4 (Part 2).mp4
29. How To Use The Tangent Templates Listing Helper.mp4
30. How To Make Better Quality Designs.mp4
31. My Research Process To Find Ideas.mp4
32. My New Favorite Keyword Tool.mp4
33. Tips For Creating Better Designs.mp4
34. Ams Ads Update! Taking A Look At All Of my Ads.mp4
35. Tips For Creating Better Designs (part 2).mp4
36. HUGE List of Over 200 Job Titles.mp4
37. Why I Love Creating Scalable Designs.mp4
38. HUGE List of Scalable Quotes For You.mp4
39. How I Do Research For Valentines Day.mp4
40. HOT New Valentines Day Niche.mp4
41. HOT New Valentines Day Niche! (Pt 2).mp4
42. My Best Holidays To Create Books Around.mp4
43. Analyzing ED Sales To Make MORE Royalties.mp4
44. The Top 10 Niches Of My Best Selling Books All Time.mp4
45. Watch Me Work (Creating Scalable Covers).mp4
46. Why You Need This FREE Font Manager.mp4
47. Is Low and No Content Publishing Coming to an end.mp4
48. My New Badass Keyword Research Strategy.mp4
49. Coloring Book Keywords.mp4
50. My Plans Going Forward.mp4
51. Letter Tracing Book Keywords.mp4
52. Dot-to-Dot Book Keywords.mp4
53. Word Search Book Keywords.mp4
54. Sudoku Book Keywords.mp4
55. I Have Some Exciting News!.mp4
56. Fathers Day Keywords.mp4
57. Fathers Day Research.mp4
58. I'm Already Preparing for Q4.mp4
59. 3 Keyword Research Strategies.mp4
60. Spamming 101 (How Not To Spam).mp4
61. This Is How I Can Upload Super Fast.mp4
200 Job Titles (TXT Doc).txt
BONUS_ 140 Journal & Notebook Niches.pdf
Join the PRIVATE LVBvault fb group.txt
The LCBvault.html
#8 Title & Keyword Research.mp4
#9 Conclusion & Thank You.mp4
1 Welcome and Overview.mp4
2 Recommended Paid Tools.mp4
3 Recommended Free tools.mp4
4 Researching Kids LCB Books.mp4
5 Creating an I Spy Interior.mp4
6 Creating a Counting Book Interior.mp4
7 How To Create Book Covers.mp4
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