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Last Updated Date: 04-23-2022

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Stephen Hockman - Affiliate Buying Guide Templates
01-Affiliate Buying Guide Templates
02-Affiliate Content Secrets Book
03-Winning Featured Snippets SEO Crash Course
01-Affiliate Buying Guide Templates
00 - Update_ December 2021 .pdf
01- (Get Your FREE Book).pdf
02- Overview_ Start Here .pdf
03- Template Outline #1 .pdf
04 - Template Outline #2 .pdf
05 - Template Outline #3.pdf
06- Top 10 Product Review Layouts .pdf
07 - Comparison Table Layouts .pdf
08 - Comparison List Layouts .pdf
09 - TablePress Plugin CSS Code.pdf
10- TablePress Plugin HTML Code .pdf
11 - Table of Contents Plugins.pdf
02-Affiliate Content Secrets Book
01-Affiliate Content Secrets Book Cover.jpg
02-Title Page.png
03 - Copyright .pdf
04- Introduction .pdf
05- Section One_ Affiliate Writing Secrets .pdf
06 - Secret #1_ Identify Your Target Buyer Persona .pdf
07 - Secret #2_ Act Like an Authority .pdf
08 - Secret #3_ Write Directly to Your Readers -.pdf
09 - Secret #4_ Bond with Your Audience .pdf
10 - Secret #5_ Choose Active Voice Over Passive Voice.pdf
11-Secret #6-Use Power Words.pdf
12-Secret #7-Write Like a 7th Grader (Or Even a 3rd Grader).pdf
13-Secret #8- Use One Sentence Paragraphs (At Most Two).pdf
14-Secret #9- Vary Your Sentence Length.pdf
15-Secret #10 Ask Rhetorical Questions.pdf
16-Secret #11 Use Expert Words.pdf
17-Secret #12 Quote Someone.pdf
18-Secret #13 Label Your Readers with a Noun.pdf
19-Secret #14-Bait Your Readers with a Hook.pdf
20-Secret #15 Push Your Visitors to Read More.pdf
21-Secret #16 Pick 3 Products to Be Your All-Stars.pdf
22-Secret #17 Apply the Feature Stacking Trick.pdf
23-Secret #18 Focus on the Person, Not the Product.pdf
24-Secret #19 Always Start with the Strongest Benefits.pdf
25-Secret #20 Keep Your Negatives Brief.pdf
26-Secret #21 If You Give a Strong Why, More People Will Buy.pdf
27-Secret #22 Keep Referring Back to Your All-Stars.pdf
28-Secret #23 Take Advantage of Cross-Selling.pdf
29-Secret #24 Use the Power of Fluency, Frequency and Exposure.pdf
30-Secret #25 Capture More Clicks with Irresistible Headlines.pdf
31-Section Two-Affiliate Page Structure Secrets.pdf
32-Secret Page Structure #1.pdf
33-Secret Page Structure #2.pdf
35-Next Steps.pdf
36-About the Author.pdf
03-Winning Featured Snippets SEO Crash Course
01-How to Win Featured Snippets So Your Pages Can Rank In the Top Position On Google.mp4
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The Best Affiliate Buying Guide Templates for Rankings & Earnings!
If you want to take ALL of the guesswork out of how to structure and optimize an affiliate buying guide to help it rank higher in Google and make more money online, then this template pack is for you.

Inside, you’ll find my PROVEN OUTLINES for how to set up a top 10 style affiliate product review page that can get you more targeted keyword traffic and higher conversions with less work!

I also give you my CUSTOM CSS and HTML CODE for creating awesome comparison tables with the most POPULAR & FREE WordPress plugin available so you don’t have a hire a developer to do this coding work for you or get stuck paying for yearly plugin fees.

When you purchase my Affiliate Buying Guide Templates today, I’ll also give you a FREE DIGITAL COPY of my popular Affiliate Content Secrets book to help you further maximize your earnings. ($35 VALUE)

This one-of-a-kind book with a 4.6 STAR RATING on Amazon shows you my proven copywriting strategies for crafting better affiliate content that can convert more passive visitors into active buyers.

You’ll get FREE access to the DIGITAL COPY of this book in my course platform after completing the checkout process for the Affiliate Buying Guide Templates.

Stephen Hockman – Affiliate Buying Guide Templates
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