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Last Updated Date: 10-14-2021

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StockBee - Bootcamp 2021
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1 . Start Here
2. Structural Tendencies Of The Market
3. Momentum Burst
4. Bonus Content (Momentum Burst)
5. Short Setup Using Mometum Burst
6. Bonus Content (Short Setup)
7. EP
8. EP Bonus
9. Day Trading
10. Working People
11. Bonus - Working People
12. ANTS
13. Organize Like Crazy ( OLC)
14. Bonus ( OLC)
15. Situational Awareness
Extra (TC2000 Setup, Scans)
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Most Well-liked Bootcamp August 2021
Get an in depth have a look at strategies utilized by Easyguru and the Stockbee buying and selling group.

The course contains classes, lives session recordings in addition to particular person assignments.

Subjects Embrace:
Extracting cash out of the market utilizing 4% , $ b/o, and LTB
Extracting cash out of the market utilizing Anticipation and FHP
Extracting cash out of the market utilizing Reversals
Extracting cash out of the market utilizing 9 million b/o
Extracting cash out of the market utilizing NTRT/MTRT
Extracting cash out of the market utilizing Analyst Goal raises ANA3
Extracting cash out of market utilizing Robust construction and weak construction brief
Situational Consciousness for Swing merchants
Visualization Methods for enhancing efficiency
Organizing For revenue (OLC)
Growing Thoughts Readability via Deep Dives
Working Folks Methodology
401 okay
Discover Free Cash FFM as a buying and selling method

Thanks @EG it’s my first Bootcamp I’ve attended, I felt like I used to be again at Highschool studying at school, You’re a good Instructor and your distinctive strategies of educating simply get straight in your thoughts. You’re a good man that actually needs to assist others. We’re all bless to be in Stockbee. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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@EG. The European Bootcamp previous three days was nice!. You’re a nice trainer and your dedication to create higher merchants is wonderful. I feel there’s something for everybody in these bootcamps together with for folk who attended earlier. It was intense and boat load of knowledge shared in simply three days. few issues actually clicked (ex: do not watch for confirmations) throughout the periods. Trying ahead to your deep dive template. Thanks for taking time to clarify mother burst and EPs. Work continues for remainder of us who attended to make these setups work for us. Thanks once more!

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StockBee – Bootcamp 2021
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