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Surfer - SEO Writing Masterclass (3.25 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-01-2021

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Surfer - SEO Writing Masterclass
Course Introduction
Module 1 Content strategy and keyword research
Module 2 Four phases of SEO writing
Module 3 Selling
Course Introduction
Introduction - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Module 1 Content strategy and keyword research
0. Why do you need Module 1- - SEO Writing Masterclass.ts
1 content strategy.rtf
1. Content strategy- Content for different stages of awareness - SEO Writing Masterclass.ts
1. The Five Stages of Awareness.xlsx
2 keyword research.rtf
2. Content strategy- Keyword research and prioritization - SEO Writing Masterclass.ts
3. Content strategy- Planning topic clusters for your website - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
3. Content strategy- Planning topic clusters for your website - SEO Writing Masterclass.ts
Module 2 Four phases of SEO writing
1 intro.rtf
2 conversion - gated content.rtf
2 conversion - offer.rtf
2 optimization - Google Search Console .rtf
2 optimization - seo optimization process.rtf
2 optimize - run seo audit.rtf
2 planning - find content.rtf
2 planning - on serp.rtf
2 planning - search intent.rtf
2 planning guidelines.rtf
2 planning intro.rtf
2 writing - images.rtf
2 writing - internal linking.rtf
2 writing - plan cta.rtf
2 writing - title tags.rtf
2 writing.rtf
2 writing EAT.rtf
2 writing meta descriptions.rtf
Video 1- Introduction + 4 phases of content creation - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 2- Discovery phase- Digging into search intent - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 3- Discovery phase- Analyzing on-SERP features u2013 how to take over more real estate in search results ( - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 4- Discovery phase- Find the best content that ranks for your keyword - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 5- Discovery phase- Create an outline based on top pages in search results - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 6- Discovery phase- Create guidelines for words, phrases, and content structure - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 7- Writing phase- Rules of thumb - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 8- Writing phase- Title tag - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 9- Writing phase- Meta description - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 10- Writing phase- Enrich your content with data, big names, or a different twist - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 11- Writing phase- Images and alternative texts - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 12- Writing phase- Internal linking - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 13- Conversion strategy- Make an irresistible offer - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 14- Conversion strategy- The good, bad, and ugly of gated content and lead generation - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 15- Conversion strategy- Plan call-to-actions across your content - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 16- Optimization phase- Check your rankings with Google Search Console - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 17- Optimization phase- Run SEO audit for your article - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 18- Optimizatioin phase- Organize your SEO optimization process - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Module 3 Selling
1 intro - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy.rtf
1 intro.rtf
2 sell process.rtf
3 sell content strategy.rtf
4 use content score to charge more.rtf
5 outsource to VA.rtf
Video 1- Introduction + why you should probably charge more - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 2- Sell the process, not just your content piece - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 3- Sell the content strategy, not just an article - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 4- Use Content Score to charge more for your services - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Video 5- Things you can outsource to your virtual assistant - SEO Writing Masterclass.ts
Advanced tricks & tips for Surfer users - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
How to use Surfer- Weekly Walkthrough with Michal Suski..mp4
Internal linking u2013 fundamentals & tips - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Introduction and warm-up questions about future of SEO content creation - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Part 1- Content Editor - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Part 2- Content Planner - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
Q&A session - SEO Writing Masterclass.mp4
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The market is crowded for common content material writers. Don’t be certainly one of them.
Common content material writers write. And so they don’t have anything else to supply however a pleasant Google Doc based mostly on tips from a consumer.

These copywriters get misplaced within the sea of underpaid freelancers on Upwork, and so they wrestle to make ends meet.

Nice copywriters know how you can tie their writing to outcomes.

And one of the simplest ways to get outcomes is to dive into Search Engine Optimization.

‍And whereas the market is filled with self-marketed “SEO copywriters”, a lot of them depend on out of date ways that now not work.

Most of those “frequent truths” aren’t an help,however a hindrance to SEO success.

They’re not sufficient for aggressive key phrases that generate one thing extra essential than natural site visitors – cash.

Should you’re studying this, you’re most likely in search of ways and expertise that can take your profession to a complete new stage. This drive alone offers you an enormous benefit over common copywriters.

By getting deeper into SEO, you’ll construct bulletproof content material that can hold bringing 1000’s of potential consumers to your weblog posts and touchdown pages. For years to come back.

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