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Tan Choudhury - E-Com Mastery Program (3.33 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-29-2021

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Tan Choudhury - E-Com Mastery Program
01-Course Introduction
02-Viral Product Research Mastery
03-Building Your 7-Figure Store
04-Facebook Ads Testing
05-Instagram Influencers
06-Automating Your Dropshipping Store
07-Email & SMS Domination
08-Private Label Mastery
01-Course Introduction
01-Welcome To The Program (Watch This First).mp4
02-(Mindset) How To Succeed Inside This Course.mp4
02-Ecom Warrior Planner Daily.pdf
03-Planning For Success.ts
04-TOP PRODUCTS - Updates Weekly.ts
04-Winning Products July 29, 2021.xlsx
02-Viral Product Research Mastery
01-Finding Your 7-Figure Winner.mp4
01-Finding Your 7-Figure Winner.pdf
01-Tan's Product Research Doc.xlsx
02-Narrowing Down Your Product Selection.mp4
03-Product Rotation Strategy or Mindset.mp4
03-Building Your 7-Figure Store
01-Branding - Logo & Brand Names.mp4
02-Designing Your 7-Figure Store (Strategy #1).mp4
03-Finalizing Your 7-Figure Store.mp4
04-Designing & Crafting Product Pages.mp4
05-Gempage Template.pdf
05-Use My 7-Figure Template (Strategy #2).mp4
06-Upsell Strategy - Increase Revenue By 20%.mp4
07-Apps I recommend.ts
04-Facebook Ads Testing
01-How To Become Top 1% Of Advertisers (Start Here).mp4
01-How To Become Top 1% Of Advertisers (Start Here).png
02-Where To Order Video Ads.png
02-Where To Order Video Ads.ts
03-Before You Set Up FB Ads.ts
04-Notes & Templates.docx
04-Testing Phase.mp4
05-Retargeting Intro.mp4
06-Setting Up High Yielding Retargeting Campaigns.ts
07-Facebook Ads Scaling (4 Strategies).mp4
08-When To Cut Ads + What To Look For After Launched.mp4
05-Instagram Influencers
01-See The Strategy In Action (Personal Brand Approach).mp4
01-See The Strategy In Action (Personal Brand Approach).xlsx
02-Instagram Theme Page Advertising & Ad Structure.mp4
03-Instagram Outreach Process.mp4
04-Negotiation (Securing Lower Ad Costs).mp4
06-Automating Your Dropshipping Store
01-Hiring & Managing Customer Service.mp4
02-Fulfilling Orders On Autopilot.mp4
07-Email & SMS Domination
01-Intro to email marketing + welcome sequences.mp4
02-Abandon Carts - Email Marketing.mp4
03-Email Marekting Campaigns.mp4
08-Private Label Mastery
01-Intro To Private Label.mp4
02-How To Source Products (Private Label).mp4
03-3PL Fulfillment Centers (Dropshipping with 3-5 Day Shipping).ts
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ATTN: Dropshippers Struggling To Get Worthwhile
Uncover How You Can Begin A Model New Worthwhile Dropshipping Retailer In Much less Than 30 Days
With out losing years on testing merchandise OR Fb advertisements that don’t convert
What You Get:
10 Modules Dropshipping Course
Viral Product Analysis Mastery Coaching
Excessive Changing Touchdown Web page Templates
​Case Examine “FB Advertisements Turning $36k Into $213k!”
​Scaling Secrets and techniques “Future Proofing Your FB Advertisements”
​Influencer Advertisements Mastery “How I Turned $4,500 into $32,000”
​Micro-CBO Testing Technique

Tan Choudhury – E-Com Mastery Program
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