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The M Word - MindValley - Emily Fletcher (5.06 GB)

Last Updated Date: 11-13-2021

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The M Word - MindValley - Emily Fletcher
Week 0 Preparation
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Balancing Breath, Come to Your Senses + Effortless silence.mp3
Balancing Breath, Come to Your Senses, Effortless silence 2.mp3
Balancing Breath.mp3
Calming Exercise - Work.mp3
Come To Your Senses.mp3
Effortless Silence Part 1.mp3
Effortless Silence Part 2 .mp3
Guided Meditation- Better Sex.mp3
Guided Meditation - Forgiveness.mp3
Guided Meditation - Mindful Consumption.mp3
Guided Meditation - Pep Talk.mp3
Guided Meditation - Sleep.mp3
Guided Meditation - Stress.mp3
Guided Visualization for Pain.mp3
Intro - Meditation for healthy Travel.mp3
Intro - Visualisation for kids.mp3
Meditation- Healthy Travel.mp3
The M Word - FULL Technique Meditation Track.mp3
Visualization for Kids.mp3
Week 0 Preparation
Intro - Pep talk, Love bomb.mp4
Week 1
Day 1 - Intro.mp4
Day 2 - Balancing Breath.mp4
Day 3 - Come to your senses.mp4
Day 4 - Effortless Silence Part 1.mp4
Day 5 - Effortless Silence Part 2.mp4
Day 6 - Water the Flowers (Gratitude).mp4
Day 7 - Love Bomb.mp4
Week 2
Day 8 - Putting it together.mp4
Day 9 - Elements 1 & 2.mp4
Day 10.mp4
Day 11.mp4
Day 12.mp4
Day 13 - QnA.mp4
Day 14 - Habit building.mp4
Week 3
Day 15 - QnA.mp4
Day 16 - Make Meditation Non-Negotiable.mp4
Day 17 - Celebrate Your Success.mp4
Day 18 - Implementation Day.mp4
Day 19 - Guided Visualization for Pain.mp4
Day 20 - Guided Meditation- Stress.mp4
Day 21 - Guided meditation on stress.mp4
Week 4
Day 22 - Guided Meditation- Mindful Consumption.mp4
Day 23 - Guided Meditation- Pep Talk.mp4
Day 24 - Calming Exercise- Work.mp4
Day 25 - Implementation Day.mp4
Day 26 - Pre-recorded Q & A with Emily.mp4
Day 27 - Relationship Tips.mp4
Day 28 - Guided Meditation- Better Sex.mp4
Week 5
Day 29 - Guided Meditation- Forgiveness.mp4
Day 30 - Exercise- Finding Your Purpose.mp4
Day 31 - The Mechanics of Stress Release.mp4
Day 32 - The Impacts of Food.mp4
Day 33 - Celebrate Your Success.mp4
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From Work, Profession, Intercourse, Love and Well being — The M Word Takes Meditation to a Entire New Degree by Upgrading an Historic Follow right into a Exceptional Instrument to Improve YOUR LIFE
This program is for the 90% of us who meditate or wish to, however wish to take their follow to the NEXT degree and switch Meditation right into a instrument to Improve their Efficiency at Life.
Greater than half the individuals who first begin meditation, surrender due to misinformation that’s typically hooked up to the follow.
Maybe you too have expertise this, for instance:
You may’t appear to remain awake throughout meditation.
You discover it laborious to focus or clear your thoughts of ideas.
The follow appears boring and also you appear to ‘get nothing’ out of it.
We don’t blame you. Meditation right this moment is clouded by quite a lot of myths that now not apply.
As a substitute, what you’ll discover with The M Word is an strategy that’s:
So efficient it takes a mere minutes, however provides hours in productiveness to your day
Doesn’t require you “to clear your thoughts” or “concentrate on the breathe” like so many meditation cliches.
Is a lot enjoyable, you’ll begin to stay up for your follow each day.
You’ve NEVER been taught meditation this fashion earlier than.
What You’ll Study
Follow Deeper Meditation
a outstanding shift emerges as you enter deeper states of thoughts to speed up your skilled and private development.
Obtain Meditation Mastery
your skill to meditate higher than you ever have earlier than with Emily’s strategy leads you to simply grasp your personal follow.
Improve Your Instinct
this easy but highly effective ability will can help you appeal to abundance, open new doorways in your life, and shift your success into excessive gear.
Embody Resilience to Stress
a outstanding skill to withstand and refute stress turns into your biggest energy in remodeling your life.

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