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Last Updated Date: 05-03-2022

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Thomas Frank - Creator's Companion (Ultimate Brain Edition)
01-Ultimate Brain
02-Creator's Companion
03-CC Ultimate Tasks
04-CC + Ultimate Brain
01-Ultimate Brain
00-Getting Started
01-Beginner's Guide
02-Special Features
03-Modify Ultimate Brain
00-How to move from Ultimate Tasks to Ultimate Brain.mkv
02-Creator's Companion
Creator's Companion
01a-Start Here - Full Tour of Creator's Companion.pdf
01b-Full Tour of Creator's Companion (Beta).mkv
01c-Taking a Project from Start to Finish (Comprehensive).mkv
01d-Starting a Content Project (The Quick Way).mkv
02-Important Note.png
02a-Setting Up Your Channels.mp4
02b-New Grouping Feature.mp4
03-CC Ultimate Tasks
01a-How to Integrate Your Own Ultimate Tasks Copy into Creator's Companion.pdf
01b-How to Integrate Your Own Ultimate Tasks Copy into Creator's Companion.mp4
02a-How to Integrate a New Copy of Ultimate Tasks into Creator's Companion.pdf
02b-How to Integrate a New Copy of Ultimate Tasks into Creator's Companion.mp4
04-CC + Ultimate Brain
01a-Template Link + Getting Started Guide!.pdf
01b-Template Overview.mp4
02-Info on Transferring Content.pdf
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Stop Juggling Tools. Start Working Faster.
Tired of shoving ideas in Evernote, managing projects in Todoist, and tracking completed projects in Google Sheets? Yeah, me too.

Creator’s Companion for Notion – Main Dashboard
No more jumping between different tools for writing scripts, collecting ideas, and managing tasks. Creator’s Companion is an advanced, expansive template that turns Notion into a truly all-in-one tool for managing your content creation process.

Capture ideas and prioritize the best ones, plan your editorial calendar, collect research, write scripts, optimize for SEO, analyze content performance, and even manage your brand deals from one place.

Plus, with optional integration with the Ultimate Tasks template, you get a full-fledged task & project manager built into every content project.

When your whole process happens in Notion, you work faster as a result.

This is the Tool I Use Myself.
Thomas with Camera
Hi, I’m Thomas Frank, and I’ve been a full-time YouTuber, podcaster, and blogger for more than 8 years.

Together with my team, I’ve built a YouTube channel with over 2.4 million subscribers and 136 million views, a blog with 400k monthly visitors, and a long-running podcast.

In 2018, I stumbled across Notion after spending years juggling multiple apps to manage our content process.

Over time, we started using Notion for more and more – replacing other note-taking apps, task managers, and spreadsheets we used in the past. Today, we use Notion for the entire content creation process across 5 active web properties.

Creator’s Companion is the exact system my team and I use to manage all of our channels today. It’s the product of over three years of real-world use and testing.

“The Creator’s Companion has been such a lifesaver for me! I used to have lots of lists, spreadsheets and notes filled with content ideas to unpack. Now it’s centralized, organized, and manageable thanks in large part with the help of this fantastic tool and Thomas’ guidance on how to use it.”
David Giller
David Giller (@davidgiller)
Podcaster, Salesforce Consultant, Attorney
Go from Idea to “Published”.
Creator’s Companion helps you improve the speed and efficiency of your content creation process.

You’ll find features and views that aid in idea capture, SEO, research & scripting, editing, publishing, and more.

💡 Capture EVERY Idea
Never lose an idea for a video or blog post. The Idea view lets you quickly capture and organize all of your content ideas.

If you haven’t worked on an idea in a while, it automatically goes to a safe archive. No more adding new ideas to a list three miles long.

With the Audience Submissions form, you can even let your audience submit ideas using Notion’s integration with Typeform or Google Forms (via Zapier).

🏆 Get MORE Views
The three keys to crafting a successful video are title, thumbnail, and topic.

Not every idea is created equal – so if you want to get more views and waste less time on ideas that don’t work, you need to validate your ideas.

Validation view helps you figure out which ideas are worth the investment of your time and effort. Then, you can see only your best ideas in one place and prioritize them intelligently.

Creator’s Companion helps you build a content pipeline, helping you stay on top of every project and publish more (while keeping your content quality high).

Project Manager view shows you the status of every project across all your channels, and lets you easily manage your content calendar.

📚 Build an ARCHIVE
Need to reference an old script? Want to see every video sponsored by a certain brand? Trying to remember when you took a certain piece of b-roll?

Other project management apps don’t do a good job at turning your finished projects into a library.

Notion excels at that job, and Creator’s Companion uses to Notion to add your finished projects to a useful, per-channel archive.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to declare that @TomFrankly is a @NotionHQ hero.”

Thomas Frank – Creator’s Companion (Ultimate Brain Edition)
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