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Tom Cormier - Manual eBay Dropshipping (12.06 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Tom Cormier - Manual eBay Dropshipping
01-welcome- Dropshipping University
02-Unit 1- Beginner Topics
03-Unit 2- Intermediate Topics
04-Unit 3-Advanced Topics
05-Bonus- Software Toolkit
06-Bonus- Documents and Sheets
01-welcome- Dropshipping University
01-Course Introduction
02-Private Members Facebook Group
02-Unit 1- Beginner Topics
01-Manual eBay Dropshipping Breakdown
02-Opening an eBay Store
03-Discovering the best Suppliers
04-Finding Profitable Products
05-Manually Listing and Repricing items
06-Sku Grid Fundamentals
03-Unit 2- Intermediate Topics
01-Listing and Title Optimization]
02-Processing Sales and Tracking
03-Customer Services and Scripted Messages
04-FeedBack Score
04-Unit 3-Advanced Topics
01-Maximizing Margins
02-Tax Exemption
03-Scalling Your Store
04-Miscellaneous and Bonus Topics
05-Bonus- Software Toolkit
01-Manual eBay Dropshipping Course Software Toolkit.docx
06-Bonus- Documents and Sheets
01-Manual eBay Dropshipping Course Documents and Sheets.docx
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  The step-by-step course on how to massively scale and sustain an eBay Dropshipping business, in 2020.




  What You Get:

  The secrets to running a successful eBay Dropshipping business in 2020 – A complete strategy guide with up to date policy changes, growth hacks, and tax laws. Access to exclusive content – This includes our top 20 secret suppliers list, pre-made Dropshipping spreadsheets, and access to our Private Members Facebook Group. The most in-depth Dropshipping training – Over 13 hours of detailed video training and 25 bonus written guides.




  Top 20 Secret Suppliers


We have included our own highly reviewed suppliers list so that you can start finding profitable products to list right away!


  Profit Margin Calculator


Knowing your profits is vital to running any business. By using our customized dropshipping profit calculator, you can save yourself from ever losing money.


  Software Discounts


We have negotiated special discounts for our students that can save over $99 dollars on the top dropshipping software and applications.


  Item Sourcing Template


Finding profitable products to sell is the most difficult process for many dropshippers. Use this sourcing template to sell thousands of items.


  Customer Service Scripts


Avoid receiving harmful negative feedback. Reduce returns, refunds, and INR cases with our refined customer service scripts.


  Accounting Template


Accounting can be a daunting task. We have simplified the process with our pre-made sheet which is primed for recording earnings for tax purposes.


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Tom Cormier – Manual eBay Dropshipping Contains: Videos, PDF’s

Tom Cormier – Manual eBay Dropshipping
Tom Cormier – Manual eBay Dropshipping Cheapest
Tom Cormier – Manual eBay Dropshipping Learn Online
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