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Tom Cormier - Marketplace Mastery 2.0 (7.09 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-25-2021

Google Drive Proof

Tom Cormier - Marketplace Mastery 2.0
01-Section 1 - Introduction
02-Section 2 - Facebook Marketplace Setup
03-Section 3 - Sourcing Items To Sell
04-Section 4 - Finding Profitable Items
05-Section 5 - Managing And Repricing Items
06-Section 6 - Listing And Relisting Items
07-Section 7 - Processing Sales And Tracking
08-Section 8 - Customer Service
09-Section 9 - Advanced Strategies
10-Bonus - Software Toolkit
11-Bonus - Documents & Sheets
01-Section 1 - Introduction
01-Intro and Welcome.mp4
02-Why Start FBMP Dropshipping Today.mp4
02-Section 2 - Facebook Marketplace Setup
01-Navigating Facebook Marketplace.mp4
02-Facebook Policies - Commerce Product Merchant Agreement.pdf
02-The Shipping Option.mp4
03-Personal Verification FAQs.mp4
03-Personal Verification FAQs.pdf
03-Verifying Your Account.mp4
04-1099 Form FAQs.mp4
04-1099 Form FAQs.pdf
04-1099 Form FAQs.png
05-Chrome Extension - Last Pass.pdf
05-Increase Your Facebook Account Security.mp4
06-Additional Tip.png
06-Shipping Option NOT Available.mp4
03-Section 3 - Sourcing Items To Sell
01-Overview Of Our Dropshipping Method.mp4
02-BEST Place to Source Items.mp4
02-Top 15 Pre-vetted Suppliers List.docx
03-Finding and Vetting Your Own Suppliers.mp4
03-Sku Grid Discount.pdf
04-Links & Resources.pdf
04-Matching Supplier Policies with FBMP.mp4
04-Matching Supplier Policies with FBMP.png
05-Top 15 Pre-vetted Suppliers List.docx
05-Top Suppliers List Overview.mp4
04-Section 4 - Finding Profitable Items
01-Best Types of Items to List.mp4
02-FBMP Item Sourcing Sheet and eBay Sellers to Snipe.xlsx
02-Over the Shoulder Item Research.mp4
03-Sourcing Items With Zik Analytics.mp4
03-Zik Analytics Discount.pdf
04-Calculating Your Desired Profit.mp4
04-FBMP Listing Price Calculator.xlsx
05-Downloadable Sales Report.mp4
06-Sourcing Tips When Sourcing Walmart And Amazon Items.mp4
07-FBMP Customer Service Scripts.docx
07-Walmart using 3rd Party Delivery Apps (DoorDash).mp4
08-Proposition 65 Warning.mp4
05-Section 5 - Managing And Repricing Items
01-SKU Grid Introduction.mp4
01-Sku Grid Discount.pdf
02-SkuGrid Grid Setup And Overview.mp4
03-SkuGrid Dispatch Time (Important!).mp4
04-SkuGrid Credits Overview.mp4
05-SkuGrid Variations And Supplier Options.mp4
06-Links & Resources.pdf
06-SkuGrid Stock And Price Updates Settings.mp4
07-Resources & Links.pdf
07-SkuGrid Repricing Chrome Extension Set-Up.mp4
06-Section 6 - Listing And Relisting Items
01-The Components of a Listing.mp4
02-Building Great Titles.mp4
03-Advanced Title Building Strategies.mp4
03-Links & Resources.pdf
04-Lightshot Screenshot Chrome Extension.pdf
04-Prioritizing Review Images.mp4
04-The Secret to Images That Get Views.mp4
05-Listing Description Template.docx
05-Listing Descriptions.mp4
06-Total Listing Overview - Putting It All Together.mp4
07-Category Map Template.pdf
07-Category Mapping.mp4
08-Resources & Links.pdf
08-ZeeDrop Discount.pdf
08-ZeeDrop Introduction.mp4
09-ZeeDrop Listing.mp4
10-Updating Items Stock On Mobile.mp4
11-Updating Inventory And Prices Based On SkuGrid Emails.mp4
12-Create Multiple Listings.mp4
12-FBMP Bulk Upload Template.csv
13-Bulk Renew Listings Feature.mp4
13-Manually Renew Old Listings.mp4
14-Relisting Items After A Sale.mp4
15-Putting Sold Items Out Of Stock.mp4
16-Listing Items Too Quickly.mp4
16-Potential Listing Limitations.mp4
17-Listing Markdown Technique.mp4
18-Facebook Policies - Seller Performance and Accountability Policies.pdf
18-Marketplace Insights And Metrics.mp4
07-Section 7 - Processing Sales And Tracking
01-FBMP Orders Spreadsheet.xlsx
01-You Sold Your First Item.mp4
02-Fulfilling Orders.mp4
03-Programming Any Supplier In Spot N Paste.pdf
03-Spot N' Paste Discount.pdf
03-Spot N' Paste Semi Auto Ordering Tool.mp4
04-Customer Service Scripts Template.docx
04-Thank You Message and Post Fulfillment.mp4
05-Uploading Tracking.mp4
06-Links & Resources.pdf
06-OAgenius- Tracking Generator Tool.pdf
06-Secret Tracking Hack.mp4
06-Tracking Number Generator.mp4
07-Payout Schedule And Structure.mp4
08-Methods to Contact FB Support.mp4
08-Section 8 - Customer Service
01-Importance of Customer Service.mp4
02-Customer Service Scripts Template.docx
02-Seller Feedback and Scripts.mp4
02-Sending Feedback Requests To Buyers.mp4
03-Handling Bulk Customer Service Messages.mp4
03-Resources & Links.pdf
03-ZeeDrop Messaging Templates.mp4
04-OOS Items And Cancelling Orders Properly.mp4
05-Links & Resources.pdf
05-Returns and Items Not Received Cases.mp4
06-Various Customer Service Scenarios.mp4
07-Buyer Purchase Protection Policy Update.mp4
07-Links & Resources.pdf
08-Appealing Claim Decisions Found in Buyers Favor.mp4
08-Resources & Links.pdf
09-Account Suspensions.mp4
09-Marketplace Appeals.mp4
09-Resources & Links.pdf
10-Backdoor Access Key.mp4
10-Backdoor Account Access Key.docx
10-Links & Resources.pdf
09-Section 9 - Advanced Strategies
01-Contact Walmart Tax Exemption Dept.png
01-Mulitjurisdiction Form - Walmart PDF.pdf
01-NY ST-120 - Walmart PDF.pdf
01-Tax Exemption For Walmart.mp4
01-Virginia ST-14 - Walmart PDF.pdf
02-Amazon Tax Exemption.mp4
02-New York ST-120 Resale Certificate PDF.pdf
02-Virginia ST-14 Sales and Use Tax.pdf
03-Contact Home Depot Tax Exemption Dept.png
03-Home Depot Multi Jurisdiction Form.pdf
03-Home Depot Tax Exemption Application Page.pdf
03-Home Depot Tax Exemption Process.mp4
05-Links & Resources.pdf
05-Using Other Marketplaces.mp4
06-Granting VAs Access To Your FBMP Account.mp4
06-Scaling Your Store With Virtual Assistants.mp4
06-Scaling with VAs.pdf
07-Free Shipping Vs Extra Shipping Cost.mp4
08-Additional Item Fee.mp4
09-Bulk Discounts.mp4
10-Mobile Emulator For Desktop.mp4
10-Resources & Links - BlueStacks.pdf
11-Boosting Your FBMP Listings.mp4
12-Price Protection Applications.mp4
12-Start Using Earny Today.pdf
13-Listing Items In Multiple Cities.mp4
14-Putting Your Store In Vacation Mode.mp4
10-Bonus - Software Toolkit
01-FBMP Dropshipping Software Toolkit.docx
11-Bonus - Documents & Sheets
01-FBMP Dropshipping Course Documents and Sheets.docx
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What You Get:
The brand new and improved, all-in-one course on rising a worthwhile Fb Marketplace Dropshipping enterprise in 2021 and past
Study over-the-shoulder as Tom (eCom Tom), teaches you all the pieces he is aware of on this 10+ hour class, remodeling the way in which you utilize your Fb account. You’ll go away the category with a completely operational Fb Marketplace dropshipping retailer, and a brand new set of lifelong eCommerce expertise.
Marketplace Fundamentals
Study the tip-to-finish expertise of Fb Marketplace Dropshipping, from securing the delivery choice to discovering all the finest suppliers. Throughout this half, Tom reveals his prime 15 verified Dropship suppliers record.
Itemizing Excessive-Revenue Gadgets
Within the second a part of the category, Tom demonstrates his methods for selecting sizzling promoting merchandise. He teaches you ways to make sure that the merchandise will proceed to promote over time with substantial revenue.
Growing Your Retailer
In Half 3, Tom guides you thru his systematic course of for growing a semi-automated Fb Dropshipping retailer. You’ll end the category with a scalable alternative and excessive-earnings potential.

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