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Trade Simple FX (21.9 GB)

Last Updated Date: 02-15-2022

Google Drive Proof

Trade Simple FX
1. Introductory Package
2. Advanced Trading System
1. Introductory Package
1 - Trade Simple FX - Introduction to Forex.pdf
2A -Trade Simple FX - Candlestick Strategies.pdf
2B - The Candlestick Trading Bible.pdf
2C - Trade Simple FX - Pattern Cheat Sheet.pdf
2D - Trade Simple FX - Candlestick Cheat Sheet.PNG
3 - Trade Simple FX - Pending Orders.pdf
4 - Trade Simple FX - Trade Checklist.pdf
5A - Trading System Principles (Presentation).odp
5B - Trading System Principles (Video).mp4
6 - Confluence Theory _ Practical Example #1.mp4
7 - How To Identify _ Mark Trading Zones #1.mp4
8 - Risk On Vs Risk off Sentiment.mp4
2. Advanced Trading System
1A - Trading System Principles (Presentation).odp
1B - Trading System Principles.mp4
2A - Confluence Theory _ Practical Example #1.mp4
2B - CADCHF - Confluence Example #2.mp4
3 - How To Identify _ Mark Key Levels.mp4
4A - How To Identify _ Mark Trading Zones #1.mp4
4B - How To Identify _ Mark Trading Zones #2.mp4
5 - USDCAD - Trading Zone Example.mp4
6 - How To Identify _ Mark Trending Sequences.mp4
7A - EURNZD - Reversal Strategy #1.mp4
7B - CADJPY - Reversal Strategy #2.mp4
7C - GBPUSD - Reversal Strategy #3.mp4
8 - DXY - Indices For Confluence #1.mp4
9A - DXY, EURUSD, USDCAD - Pair Comparison.mp4
9B - GBPJPY _ GBPUSD - Pair Comparison.mp4
10A - USDWTI - Impulse Example #1.mp4
10C - GBPUSD - Confirmation Example #1.mp4
11 - Good Vs Bad Trading Environment #1.mp4
12 - Importance Of Drawdown _ Risk.mp4
13 - Importance Of Economic Data and Fundamentals.mp4
14 - Zonal Break _ Retest Example #1.mp4
15A - (Appendices) Supply _ Demand Video.mp4
15B - (Appendices) Candlestick Strategies (Price Action Signals).pdf
15C - (Appendices) Candlesticks Theory _ Practical.mp4
15D - Risk On Vs Risk Off Sentiment.mp4
15E - TSFX Market Correlation.pdf
16 - Scaling Positions - GBPUSD Example #1.mp4
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Superior Buying and selling Methods for Merchants of All Ranges
We concentrate on zonal and breakout buying and selling, utilizing key worth motion and elementary drivers. Particularly, provide & demand, assist & resistance and key zones. Do you have to resolve to turn out to be considered one of our members, you’ll see that is the technique we implement every day.
We use efficient take revenue and entry methods to maximise likelihood and revenue potential, while aiming to minimise threat and drawdown. We cowl all time-zones and classes as now we have 100’s of worldwide shoppers from all throughout the globe.

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has been added to your cart, get more courses to get big discount

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