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Last Updated Date: 05-11-2021

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VVS Academy
1. Elliot Wave
2. Smart Money Source
3. Reconstructed Smart Money Source
4. Smart Money Webinars
1. Elliot Wave
1. Mindset and Elliot Wave Intro [Minor]
2. Intermediate Trading Styles [Intermediate]
3. Advanced Elliot Wave and Fun Trading Styles [Primary]
2. Smart Money Source
1. Liquidity Concepts.mp4
2. Dis _ Acc Divergences.mp4
3. Liquidity Ranges Strategy.mp4
4. Premium _ Discount Ranges.mp4
5. Accumulation, Manipulation, Distribution.mp4
6. Rejection Wick.mp4
7. Bull _ Bear Trap.mp4
8. Mitigation Area.mp4
9. Fake Trendline.mp4
10. Entries Refined.mp4
11. Relative Strength.mp4
12. Liquidity Pools Projection.mp4
13. Wyckoff Schematics Class.mp4
3. Reconstructed Smart Money Source
1. What Is Smart Money _ Market States.mp4
2. Market Structure.mp4
3. Premium _ Discount Ranges.mp4
4. Top Down Analysis Using Market Structure.mp4
5. Retailers VS Smart Money.mp4
6. Where Is The Liquidity.mp4
7. Labeling Liquidity.mp4
8. Internal To External Liquidity.mp4
9. Orderblock.mp4
10. Imbalance.mp4
4. Smart Money Webinars
1. Smart Money 1.mp4
2. Smart Money 2.mp4
3. Smart Money 3.mp4
4. Smart Money 4.mp4
5. T.Smart Money 5.mp4
6. T.Smart Money 6.mp4
7. 1 On 1 With A Member.mp4
8. VVS Educatorreuniou0301n Zoom de.mp4
9. VVS Educatorreuniou0301n Zoom de 2.mp4
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