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Last Updated Date: 04-21-2022

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Wall St. Jesus - The Complete Flow Trader
2021-06-14 Class 1 u2013 Intro to Flow Trading (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-06-16 Class 2 - Anatomy of a Sweep (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-06-21 Class 3 - Identifying Clean & Initial Action (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-06-23 Class 4 - Intraday Trading off Sweeper Activity (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-06-28 Class 5 - Trading the Indices Intraday (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-06-30 Class 6 - Adding Sentiment to Swing Trading (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-07-06 Class 7 - Macro Sentiment & Positioning (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-07-07 Class 8 - Macro Sentiment & Positioning Continued (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-07-12 Class 9 - Market Updates & Psychology (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-07-14 Class 10 - Gamma & Indicators (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
2021-07-21 Class 11 - Putting It All Together (Wall St. Jesus).mp4
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Finally, Wall St. Jesus reveals his methods. The first comprehensive course of its kind unpacks unusual options flow and gives you the tools you need to use smart money’s edge to your advantage.
Day trader, swing trader, and flow-reading phenom Wall St. Jesus has been watching institutions and professional traders (“smart money”) move markets for over 25 years.‍
They know things before the rest of us. But here’s the thing: if you can learn to interpret their activity, you can profit from it.
Welcome to The Complete Flow Trader course.
Meet Your Mentor
Wall St. Jesus has over 25 years experience trading the markets and was the first person to coin much of the terminology traders now use to describe flow.
In 2014, after 19 years working as a broker and seeing firsthand how institutional players shaped markets, he set out on his own to focus on his trading and the launch of wallstjesus.com.‍
Since then, he has become a household name in the online trading space; you’ll find his analysis on proprietary trading desks and home offices around the world. He’s earned his reputation by being one of a handful of traders with this level of experience willing to share his expertise with the public.
No one has done more to bring the power of flow trading and its nuances out of the realm of elite institutions and into the hands of the public.

Wall St. Jesus – The Complete Flow Trader
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